An announcement from Rainer Torrado Amo, Photographer
Belleville, Paris, France. 22 April 2020
(Update: 10 May 2020)

Dear Friends,

Today marks two months since my last paid commission:

first came the job cancellations, followed by the government mandated lockup in France on 17 March.

Currently still confined, I've been shooting every day from the windows of my apartment for the last 47 days, in part to keep doing what I love but also in the hopes of capturing some moments in the extraordinary times we live in.

The artwork that I produce seems to be of some interest to you, so I would ask you to please consider buying a print to support me and my art.

Prints from my ongoing photo project 2020 / Year Zero are now on sale
Price is flexible and starts at 99 EUROS per print (each print will be crafted in Paris, France, using museum quality paper. Size of the print starts at 20X30 CM, bigger payments will get bigger prints.)
30% will be donated to World Health Organization (WHO) (or the NGO of your choice.)

Our donation to the WHO will support the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan for critical response efforts in countries most in need of help: COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for WHO

Your money gets you:
one print of your choice (delivery included in Paris, France)
one certificate of authenticity, signed and dated
one proof of donation to WHO (or the NGO of your choice)

Your money gets me:
rent money
food on my plate (mostly vegan or vegetarian)
logistics to keep me shooting

Older artwork
If you are interested in ordering prints of my previous body of work (Horizon, 2013-2014; Nocebo, 2014; Neon Signs of Hong Kong, 2014-2019; Generation XXY, 2018-2020) I'll be pleased to produce them for you. However keep in mind that WHO (or the NGO of your choice) donations  only apply to the purchase of works produced by me in 2020, those belonging to my ongoing photo project 2020 / Year Zero as the birth of these photos was linked to that purpose.

Small donations help too
You can make a contribution of less than 99 EUROS to support my art (and this will also be gratefully received). I will still make a donation of 30% to WHO (or the NGO of your choice) based on your donation but please remember that you won't get any print.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in participating in this initiative.

Thank you for your attention and stay safe

Rainer Torrado Amo